Thin Metal Films

Peppers Ghost Effect Glass

TMF provides three standard coating designs for Peppers Ghost effect glass or special effects glass and manufacture it up to 3x1.55m in 3,4,6 and 10mm glass. The glass is available with or without an anti-reflection coating on the back surface to minimise double imaging effects.

TMF can modify the coating to suite your requirments for a specific transmission/reflectance ratio.

Metal (50/50 Ratio)


  • Good wavelength neutrality
  • Wide range of T/R ratio.
  • Large sizes, up to 1500 x 2500mm


  • Can have high absorption factor
Metal 50/50 ratio

Dielectric (50/50 Ratio)


  • Low absorption
  • T/R ratio can be designed to cover 2-98% over a waveband 400- 1500nm. 
  • Ideally suited for single wavelength application.


  • Ratio is wavelength dependent.
  • Can produce polarisation effect above incident angles of 20 degrees


  • Laser beamsplitters
  • Sighting systems.
Dielectric 50/50 ratio

Neutral Titanium Oxide (65/35 Ratio)


  • Good neutrality for T/R ratios up to 65 / 35.
  • Non absorbing. 
  • Large size availability.


  • Maximum T/R ratio is 65 / 35. Application: 
  • Ideally suited for simulator projection, e.g. aircraft simulators, auto prompting and video systems. 
  • Head up displays.
Neutral TiO 35/65 ratio


Please call or email us with you requirments or to discuss any variations in standard coatings that you may need.