Thin Metal Films

Metal Coatings

Single or Multilayer AR Coatings

In addition to the aluminium front surface mirrors as described under Front Surface Mirrors (201) and Unbreakable Plastic Mirrors (217), TMF can offer many other metals for the generation of front and back surface reflectors. They include gold, silver, copper chrome and various nickel/chrome alloys.

The choice of reflector depends on several factors such as:-

  • Operational wavelength band.
  • Reflectivity.
  • Environmental conditions.


An excellent I.R. reflector which can be used for both I.R. mirrors or thermal shielding. It can be applied to glass and most plastics with a suitable ‘keying’ layer precoat and a protective overcoat.

Reflectivity: >96% 700 - 2500nm
>98% 2500 - 12000nm


Silver mirrors exhibit a good reflectivity over the visible and I.R. regions, but are not suitable for U.V. application. Long term 
oxidation can be a problem but with careful overcoating design the  mirror can be made durable and cleanable.

Reflectivity: >96% 700 - 2500nm
>98% 2500 - 12000nm




A more robust coating than aluminium with
a neutral reflectance.

Reflectivity: >95% 400 - 2500nm
>97% 2500 - 12000nm



We can also deposit Cerium, Copper, Nickel Chrome alloys, Inconnel,
Magnesium, Platinum, Palladium, Scandium, Tantalum, Titanium
and Vanadium to name a few.

Please call or email us for further details or if your requirements are not listed.

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