Thin Metal Films

Front Surface Mirrors

TMF operates one of the largest production facilities in Europe for the manufacture of quality front surface mirrors onto glass or plastic materials, with a maximum sheet size of up to 1800 x 3000 mm.

Large optical mirrors such as those used in telescopes and machine tools, weighing up to 1000kg can be coated, but the diameter is restricted to around 1500mm.

The mirrors are formed by the vacuum deposition of pure aluminium and protected with a transparent overcoat of silicon oxide or magnesium fluoride where good U.V. reflectivity is a requirement. The overcoating on most mirror designs complies with the adhesion and abrasion tests of MIL-M-13508, allowing them to be cleaned as required.

TMF offer three coating formats:-

Protected Aluminium

Reflectivity: 87% Average
>92% for band
  1-12 Micron

Enhanced Aluminium

Reflectivity: 93% Average
  >92% for band

Enhanced UV Aluminium

Reflectivity: 88% Average


  • Astronomical mirrors and collimating mirrors.
  • Rear projection systems (Audiovisual presentation).
  • Any optical system where secondary reflection is unacceptable,
    e.g. photocopiers, overhead projectors, etc.

For alternative metal mirror types refer to our Metal Coatings.

Please call or email us to discuss any variations in standard coatings that you may require.

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