Thin Metal Films

Beam splitter coatings

TMF can provide several variations in coating design for the beamsplitting surface, ranging from dielectric multilayer systems to single layer metallic  coatings. The transmission / reflectance ratio and the efficiency specified will determine the coating used.

Metal (50/50 Ratio)


  • Good wavelength neutrality
  • Wide range of T/R ratio.
  • Large sizes, up to 1500 x 2500mm


  • Can have high absorption factor
Metal 50/50 ratio

Dielectric (50/50 Ratio)


  • Low absorption
  • T/R ratio can be designed to cover 2-98% over a waveband 400- 1500nm. 
  • Ideally suited for single wavelength application.


  • Ratio is wavelength dependent.
  • Can produce polarisation effect above incident angles of 20 degrees


  • Laser beamsplitters
  • Sighting systems.

Neutral Titanium Oxide (65/35 Ratio)


  • Good neutrality for T/R ratios up to 65 / 35.
  • Non absorbing. 
  • Large size availability.


  • Maximum T/R ratio is 65 / 35.


  • Ideally suited for simulator projection, e.g. aircraft simulators, auto prompting, teleprompting and video systems. 
  • Head up displays.

Please call or email us to discuss any variations in standard coatings that you may require.

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