Thin Metal Films

Anti Reflection Optical Coatings

Single or Multilayer AR Optical Coatings

All our anti-reflection optical coatings can be centred at any wavelength between 350nm and 2500nm and have an excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance. They also withstand high humidity, salt spray, acids, etc. and have proven high damage thresholds when used in laser systems.

They can be applied to a variety of substrates ranging in size up to about 1.5m for single layer coatings and up to 0.4m dia for multi layers. (See Data Sheet 211 for details of anti-reflection coatings on Fibre optics).

The curves on the graphs below indicate measured performance of our anti-reflection coatings for a single glass surface with a refractive index of 1.52.

The applications for optical antireflection coatings in both military and civil equipment are too numerous to list. However, TMF has gathered much experience in different applications and would be pleased to discuss your particular requirements.

Broadband Single Layer AR Coating

Reflectivity: 1.4% per surface
Wavelength: Minima can be selected from 350-2500nm
Specifications: Meets requirements of MIL-C-675C FVRDE 2024
Metal 50/50 ratio

Narrow band Multi-Layer AR Coating

Reflectivity at design wavelength: 0.25% Nominal
0.1% to order
Useable angle of incidence: +/-15 Degrees
Wavelength Band: 350-2500nm
Specifications: Meets environmental requirements of BS G211/MIL-C-14806

Broadband Multi-Layer AR Coating

Reflectivity: <0.5% 430-675nm
Wavelength Band: 350-1600/700-2500nm
Specifications: Meets requirements of BS G211/MIL-C-14806

Please call or email us to discuss any variations in standard optical coatings that you may require.

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